Friday, 11 November 2016

The Ladder Of Success

It is not easy climbing the ladder of success from a point of not enough to the point of more than enough, it's a new generation world war entirely and your arsenal has to do better than to equip a couple young lads just running across the battle field without a single shot beyond the enemy line. The truth is, nobody wants you to succeed and every step you take to go an inch higher triggers the anger button of the enemy. To be guaranteed taking any step close to qualifying for that victory lap, you have to be prepared for an attacked filled mission, however, your defense equally has to be stronger than the world's best four.

It is not child's play, everyday is a pay day for you or the enemy and to what direction the points are drifted is yours to make. You have to live each day with a John Terry mindset and stick your head in if that's what it takes to save the day. We all have a story to tell, mine always seem to fail the paternity test. You know, i'm pregnant with a lot more than a book can chapter because the sex was good, let's just say life always has its way of catching me pants down and sticking it in me. I wasn't born with a silver spoon but still yet there are people who wouldn't allow me feed with the plastic one. Everyday is a hustle, at least now I understand why I was born with a bent finger, apparently, to survive in the spirit world, you just have to learn to pull the trigger. It's a world where everything is concluded in the spiritual while in your dream and you're left to awake the reality of it.

Climbing up the ladder may seem like a pretty easy task to complete but trust me, when you have someone on the other end pulling you down, it only takes the grace of God to see you through, and that's how the soldier in you is born. You have to snipe your way through those bushes and make sure your bag pack is well strapped because there's no camp to retreat to, you're alone on this mission. It's a dark world we are living in and the earlier you let go of your mother's breast and start learning to suck on the bone, the better and stronger the outcome of your teeth because you'll be needing it to bite your way through to the Lord's heart and pray that he delights in you and have you prepared in time for the battles ahead.

Some are lucky and were born into families that already had the structures in place but even at that, some ship still sink in the ocean of life and the survivors are taken to the sea sore and made to walk on land. You know, it's acceptable to be poor and eventually find your way to riches but I pray you'll never loose your wealth to become poor, I guess that fully explains my earlier expression of the ship. My life is a testimony to His goodness because I've received more missile from the warring enemy that was enough to wipe out my entire existence from the surface of the earth but I live today by his grace, for he thought my hands to war and never to get weak and weary. Some may wonder why my life is such a testimony when I don't have the fancy cars, the beautiful houses and that very special woman to call my own yet, but then, life itself is vanity when it doesn't glorify it's creator and serve the purpose for which it was created. All that will come so it's not in my place to make that decision, just humble yourself and you're guaranteed to have the last laugh. 

You might be on that ladder too and maybe even frustrated but one thing is assured and it's the fact that it is not over till you win. There's a reason why you're still alive and if I were you, I will protect that life with everything I've got. When there's life, there's hope. Forget the fancy cars and the beautiful women, win the war and purchase your freedom. When the enemy no longer sees you as a threat and acknowledges your arrival, all these and many more will come running after you because they are your birthright. Look, I've stumbled and fallen so many times, many of which were caused by the options I chose. Growing up, I made some really bad decisions and as a result of that, I put myself in the devil's plate to devour. The funniest thing about it all was that I will blame God for the circumstances the results of those actions threw at me and the truth is, we still make the same mistakes today. So I ask, why do we choose to question God when we are the ones that often keep Him in a position where we have his hands tied and left with the only option but to watch.

My brothers and sisters, it is not a movie scene out there, the war is real and it starts with you. You have to get up and pay attention, the battle is yours and yours alone to win. Some have started theirs years ago and maybe you're just about to start yours, but remember, never can you be caught with a murder gun, automatically throwing yourself to the enemy's court to be sentenced to death. Be the author to your own story and let success motivate each scene. The ladder on the road to success takes guts to climb, it might take years to complete a single step but no matter how frustrating and life threatening the journey may be, keep your eyes up and never let go.

Kay Magnate

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