Friday, 14 October 2016

You Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone

You don't know what you've got till it's gone. God often sends people into our lives, careers, businesses and even relationships or marriages as the case may be but unfortunately we are too blind to see and acknowledge their presence and mostly chase them away by our attitude, ignorance and lame perspectives just to mention a few. A spiritual leader once told me about a lady I should have dated years back, who would have saved me from encountering so many problems I had to encounter years later in life but I was too blind to the fact at the time and I missed it and paid dearly for the consequences of my action. My point is, sometimes in life we don't even know what we should have had till it's gone.

My life is a case study to this particular topic inspiration dished at us this day and I will be more than happy to share a thing or two of my personal experiences when need be. You see, God loves us so much and orchestrates means and ideas to help smoothen our drive through life but it's left to us to acknowledge and grab the opportunities when they come racing by. Time waits for no one, neither do these opportunities because they come at us even faster than the speed of light and one can't afford to second guess or else they are lost and gone forever. Your instincts just have to be very sharp and always at work to be aligned with it's pace.

The truth is, life is in stages and each with it's own continuous assessment and once failed, you're not permitted to move to the next, you just have to go through the process all over again till you get an 'A'. And towards the ending of this academic session of life school is when these angels present themselves to help ease our work load and to nurture us, making sure we had a successful examination but then ofcourse, that depends on if we acknowledge and allow them do that which they've been sent to do and unfortunately that's where we often miss it.

How do we explain this? Well it's simple, many eyes look but only a few eyes see and basically you need more than just your physical eyes in this context. And as a famous adage goes, "He who has a head does not have a cap and he who has a cap does not have a head", that just perfectly describes the spirit nature of man. Many of us are blind spiritually and if only we were showed a video of our humble selves in the spirit realm, we would brace up and head on to see an optician with immediate effect because we have more than cataract in our eyes and overdue for a comprehensive eye operation.

We don't know what we have till it's gone and even my humble self is guilty of that. I once had an angel sent to me by God to love and cherish me and help build me into the man I was created to be but I lost her and till this very day I've not been able to find a lady so loving, caring, beautiful and God fearing as her. You know, she dedicated a huge part of her life to me and had her world rapped around mine but I allowed youthful exuberance and advances from other girls get into my head and she was gone and never to be back again. I mean, who does that, loose a girl who bought you your first bible and clipper, that only shows she looks beyond the present with you.

Well, I've made mine and I'm writing this day so you don't make a terrible mistake you may have to live the rest of your life with. This is just one of my many continuous assessment test in life school I have had to fail and trust me, the more exams you fail, the more time wasted in getting to your destination. My past has been filled with so much drama and all thanks to wrong options I chose to go with but you can choose not to fail your instincts like I failed mine. Listen to what your heart is telling you but decide with your head. You can't afford to be emotional with the matters of life, a single mistake can take you ten blocks back, so wake up and pay attention.

In conclusion, never look down on anyone or any opportunity that presents itself at your door step, you may never know the means by which the creator decides to send you an angel. It could even be a broadcast message from an acquaintance on Whatsapp or a random post on our social media platforms, the most important thing is that you see beyond what others see, acknowledging and taking full advantage. But then, be rest assured it takes a lot of work to get to that stage, this isn't rice and beans we're talking about here, it takes a lot of self discipline, both physically and spiritually that is, so quit been a majority that looks and aspire to be the minority that sees.

Kay Magnate

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