Tuesday, 30 August 2016

True African Beauty

Our women are swiftly beginning to forget their moral value and standards and would rather prefer dis-engaging themselves rather than embracing their cultural heritage, the type our mothers were proud of. Do we really need to be reminded how beautiful we are? And the truth is, I just don't get this bum snapping pose they strike each time there's an upload on our social media platforms, Instagram must be really popular for creating such a platform for our women to showcase their talent.. smh!

It's funny how we've adopted the lifestyle and fashion ethics of the western world and have totally turned our backs to our very own. This and many more raises eye brows in the society and today issues are been raised of indecent dressing although I've never been a subscriber of such criticism because I believe fashion evolves and we shouldn't be left behind. However, that doesn't necessarily mean we should walk around the streets naked and provocatively, so let's not misunderstand each other because I hate to be the catalyst of immorality.

Well, like I said earlier, there's nothing wrong in wanting to be a part of the trend but we are beginning to concentrate more on the outside, forgetting true beauty is within and that's a school of thought I wouldn't purchase an handout for. I understand every woman wants to cause a malfunction to the masculine brain at the traffic junction, but while at it, let's not forget you're the daughter of a respected man and a future wife to another.

Yea, no doubt, we're in the jet age unlike our mothers who lived in the era where 20 yards of attire was needed to sow a Tan top but still, let's not be fooled into loosing our values. Wake up every morning reminding yourself how beautiful you are and how planet earth is privileged to have you walking through it. You were uniquely and wonderfully made and no make up kit can make you beautiful, it only enhances the perfect work already done at your birth.

Stay sophisticated in those exotic designer wears and Christian Louboutin shoes but never forget true beauty comes from the inside and only radiated on the outside, otherwise you'll only be another mannequin kited for display at our favorite boutiques. The truth is, every woman is beautiful but until they find that inner glow that no amount of money can buy.

The world has become so artificial and our women would rather rely on the external features to feel wonderful when their beauty is factory fitted and were carefully engineered to be a "full option", I mean, God must be thinking of a Mercedes automobile when he created them. And on that note, please allow me as I close to remind you of the extra hours God must have put in work when creating you, you're beautiful just the way you are and it's time to showcase the true worth of an African woman because the world is watching.

Kay Magnate


  1. Hmmmm, i get what you are trying to pass across but you did it by objectifying the woman body and mind (never say its every woman's desire to be sexually appealing to men - not in those words exactly but that was exactly what you implied in the paragraph about 'junction nd masculine brain'). Also, don't ever compare a woman to a car, God wasn't thinking about a car when He was creating us. That's pure patriachal privilages you just displayed. But your article isn't so bad just change your ideas about women and convey your message without having to undermine our body and minds.